Shadow of the Vault - Fallout Inspired Environment

Video Fly Through

'Year 2088, 11 years after the first bombs fell. Refuge in the vaults was granted to only a few, leaving those lucky enough to survive the initial blasts to fend for survival in the wasteland. However, the vaults may not be the safe haven of refuge that they claimed to be...'

One of my fondest gaming memories is exploring the world of Fallout 3 and stumbling across abandoned buildings and unique environments rich with narrative elements and a hidden story to discover. This was the main inspiration for this project in which I hoped to create my own narrative driven environment full of life and character.

I have discovered that when creating environments, blocking out and planning in the initial stages is crucial to ensure not only completion, but that the direction of the piece is set from the beginning. By experimenting with modelling techniques I also developed an efficient workflow during this project, allowing me to create a large number of props and assets to fill out my scene.