Navy Seal 'Winters' - Character Bust
Caleb o brien navy seal bust 00
Caleb o brien navy seal bust turn around 01
Caleb o brien tight00
Caleb o brien textures
Caleb o brien passes
Caleb o brien wireframe
Caleb o brien zbrush sculpt
Caleb o brien zbrush sculpt01
Caleb o brien webbing marvellous

Created in a 2 week time frame, I hoped to push my skills and knowledge further with this piece. Using Marvelous designer for the majority of the cloth creation, I have a better understanding of the software and the importance of weight. Gravity really helps to sell a realistic feel and create an appealing aesthetic. Using substance painter I pushed myself to create textures, and paint skin in detail towards a more realistic style. I rendered the bust within UE4 as a chance to develop my understanding of efficient shader and material set up.

I have learnt so much during this project and had so much fun exploring a new theme that I would not have initially considered. I hope to develop my skills further in future, focusing more on realism with similar short personal art tests.