Cayce - Dimension Detective

'Alert, observant and ever watchful, Cayce works hard to keep crime and mystery locked down in Mega-tech City. Perhaps working a bit too hard as there doesn't seem to be any cases left to solve. However when a strange portal appears revealing an infinite number of alternate dimensions, it seems there may be more cases to crack than ever before...'
Cayce was created as part of the Search for a Star competition hosted by Grads in Games. As I had a tight deadline on this piece, my main goal was to have fun and enjoy it. Thus I opted to create a fun, colorful and charming character inspired by a mix of 50s fashion and retro tech.
I really enjoyed working on this character and learnt a lot in the process. I will continue to carry out my goal and create more original characters covering the whole pipeline as the improvement is evident in each new piece of work.
You can check out the development of Cayce in the blog section of my portfolio.