WIP - The Hero and the Villain (Part 2)
Caleb o brien hero tpose
Caleb o brien villain tpose
Caleb o brien both tpose
Caleb o brien hero wireframe
Caleb o brien villain wireframe
Caleb o brien hero close
Caleb o brien villain close
Caleb o brien hov rt
Caleb o brien hov rt 2
Caleb o brien wing blade
Caleb o brien satchel marvlous
Caleb o brien villain marveous

I am currently finalising the game meshes and creating props before moving onto rigging and posing/animation.

One of my goals was to inject a more serious tone into my characters. With higher stakes and the presence of a villain, this would have an affect on the mood and atmosphere of the project. Creating harsher forms, grungier textures and using more muted colours, I hoped to ensure the correct tone was present.

In order to help create contrast between the characters, I decided to source their inspiration from opposite ends of the spectrum. The villain is heavily inspired by nature, and the hero's inspiration is related to technology and the industrial revolution. In order to create a strong silhouette for the villain, her weapon is inspired by an eagles wing. She wields a blade in each hand giving her a bird like appearance, emphasizing her naturalistic roots. I have learnt so much thus far and can't wait to move onto posing the characters to really bring out their personality