WIP - The Hero and the Villain (Part 1)
Caleb o brien hero t pose
Caleb o brien villain t pose
Caleb o brien h and v
Caleb o brien hero hex
Caleb o brien villain hex
Caleb o brien hero concept
Caleb o brien villain conecpts
Caleb o brien early hero
Caleb o brien early villain
Caleb o brien hover bot concept
Caleb o brien kitbash concepts

'The heroic inventor faces up against a fierce headhunter in this feud between nature and technology during the height of the industrial revolution'

In order to push myself and develop my skills further, I dove into the deep end with this project. I decided to create two characters simultaneously. Not only will this give me the chance to create both the hero and villain characters for my game concept, but it will also help me to develop my understanding of design language along with working to a cohesive, defined visual style. When I reach my deadline in May I hope to have created two game ready characters, complete with animation ready rigs. I will also be focusing on some hard surface modelling, creating a robotic character as a companion for my hero, along with a sword for the villain. I have learnt so much already and am having so much fun with this project. I cannot wait to share the final result in May. Stay tuned!