Bjødvar - The Baker
Caleb o brien idle
Caleb o brien pose2group
Caleb o brien pose1sheet
Caleb o brien pose 3
Caleb o brien tpose
Caleb o brien wireframe and maps
Caleb o brien wireframe and maps rolling pin
Caleb o brien char rig

The custom Rig I created in Max, equipped with face morphs and an IK FK switch in the arms. I learnt a lot during this process and feel more confident about the character pipeline as a whole with deeper knowledge of prepping characters for animation.

Caleb o brien zsculpt
Caleb o brien concept art

Bjødvar went through a number of design iterations before the final concept was reached. I finally opted with the blue and ginger scheme as I felt this best adhered to my Nordic narrative and added more visual appeal to the piece.

Caleb o brien earlyconcepts

At this stage I found it useful to rough out lots of sketches in order to settle on the general direction of the design. I have since found that sketching a larger number of broad smaller thumbnails is a great starting point for designing characters.

‘Known for his cheerful and welcoming personality along with the best loaf in all the land, Bjødvar the Village Baker doesn’t shy away from a fight, and when his Bakery is on the line, not even a bear could sway his stead.’

With Bjødvar I aimed to create a fun and original character for a 3rd person beat ‘em up with honing my skills and developing knowledge of the pipeline as my main goal. Taking on new challenges such as creating a custom rig for animation and experimenting with morph targets, I now understand the significance of each step of the pipeline in correlation with each other. I have realised the best method of learning is by diving into the deep end, taking on ambitious projects and overcoming challenges as they arise. This project was ambitious from its inception especially whilst running parallel with two other projects, but with proper planning I achieved higher than I first hoped giving me confidence to achieve success in future projects.